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Math worksheets creator
Activities sorted by grade level
For teachers

topics for parents, children, and teachers
Learn about famous scientists

Search famous quote by famous people by name
Inspirational quotes with ecards
Quotes by topics

Countries & Places To See
Information about places that you want to visit
Information about countries about the world, their flags, weather, and a whole lot more
Travel information by experts

States & Presidents
Learn about the US government
For people who want to write a letter to the law-makers
Information about our 50 states and their capitals
Everything to know about the past presidents, introduced by the Smithsonian Museums
Great site for teachers|zh-TW|
Translating English to any language, and back too!
 Games & Fun
To print out animals and then color them!
Coloring for adults and children


Houng Teacher's Class


Music & Arts
A list of art museums around the world that offer internet exhibits
Famous artists’ work and background by alphabetical order
Art site for youth
Find famous musicians by genre and name

Transcontinental Railroad history with virtual tours
Virtual tours of Colonial Williamsburg
Egypt virtual tours
Official website of George Washington’s Mt.Vernon home
Learning more about the place where the Declaration of Independence was signed – Philadelphia.
For fifth grade curriculum
One of the Smithsonian museums

About the Civil War
Stories that were told throughout the history
This is the history channel that brought America: The Story of US

Something for teachers and parents
Activity calorie calculator
Knowing your Body Mass Index (BMI).  Another calculator.
Healthy eating for the whole family
Print Blank Music Staff Sheet
  On-line Bible
I will Follow You with All My Heart
Grant Me Freedom
We're Together Again
It's Good to Know You
Kids Music
Musical Instruments
There is Love
The Convenent
Nightly Prayer
The Rainbow
We can Depend on Him
Focus on Him
Peaceful Night
Praise Him
Light of the world
Starry Night
King of all Army
There is a God
Full of Blessing
True Love
Full of Blessing
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